Bloomberg Joins List Of Multinationals Coming To Africa To Recruit Tech Talents

It is probably an open secret that one of top management’s priorities across organisations is to cut costs and maximize profit. This agenda no doubt reaches the doorsteps of HR and they execute this mandate religiously. As a multinational, hiring talent from third-world countries might just be an effective way to execute cutting costs.

In  2022 alone, the likes of Amazon and Microsoft, have come to the continent to recruit tech talent, and now it appears Bloomberg is dipping its toes into the African talent pool. 

In this article, we will explore who Bloomberg is, what they do,  what role they are recruiting for, and why you should be interested.

Who is Bloomberg and for which role are they recruiting?

Bloomberg is an American information and media company using data to address global challenges. Put simply, Bloomberg makes a case for its content by backing up the information presented with data. The information company is a global leader in business & financial data, news & insights.

Bloomberg Engineering will be recruiting software engineers for internships/full-time roles in their London office, on the continent. John Oyegbite, a software engineer at Bloomberg, tweeted that the data software company will be hosting an event in Lagos by October 2022, scouting for fresh talent. Interested participants are required to fill out a form stating interest, after which, they will be required to complete a HackerRank assessment by Friday 30th of September. Successful candidates will be invited to attend the event via email.  

Why Africa? 

In this digital age, especially in a post-covid world, technology is increasingly permeating almost every facet of our lives across different sectors. According to reports, in 2020 alone, 54% of organisations were already experiencing a skill shortage in tech talent. It is predicted that by 2030, there will be a shortage of 85 million tech workers globally. As a proactive means to combat this problem, companies are increasingly recruiting from locales outside of their demographic, case in point is the current international talent scouting happening on the continent.

What this means for African tech talents is that there is now an opportunity to get into multinational tech companies which were otherwise outside of their reach.

There is an impending global shortage of tech talents and as a way to combat it, companies are coming to Africa to recruit tech talents to fill positions in their international offices. This is a good time to be a tech bro especially if you have ambitions to work for a multinational. You can align yourself to the skills these companies are recruiting for and avail yourself of the opportunity to fast-track your career growth significantly.

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