Bolt To Roll Out New Features And Initiatives To Address Rider Issues In Ghana

The Country Head of Bolt, David Kotei Nikoi, has outlined some initiatives that Bolt will be rolling in the coming days to address a number of issues which have been affecting riders in the cities that Bolt operates.

Card Trip Rejections

Some Bolt drivers have been rejecting card trips in favor of cash trips because of the number of days it takes for card payments to settle in their accounts.

Bolt will try to rectify the issue by reinforcing training about the benefits of card trips and paying drivers an extra 2 GHC for every completed card trip (no commissions charge).

Drivers who cancel card trips will have face penalties.

Solution For Paid Wait Issues 

Some Bolt drivers have a habit of not starting trips when they pick riders and this had lead to increased fares for riders. Bolt will implement an issue to deal with drivers not starting trips fairly.

Driver Identification

There have been reports that some Bolt drivers show up in different vehicles than the ones on the Bolt app or even showing up as a different driver.

Bolt will add a feature to help minimise driver impersonation and also consider a similar feature for rider identification.

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