Call For Speakers To Take Part In Soapbox Science’s 2019 Events

Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do. Their events around the world transform public areas into an arena for public learning and scientific debate.

Soapbox Science wants to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, heckle, question, probe, interact with and be inspired by some of their leading scientists.

No middle man, no PowerPoint slide, no amphitheatre – just remarkable women in science who are there to amaze with their latest discoveries, and to answer the science questions the public have been burning to ask.

Soapbox Science is currently looking for scientists in all areas of STEMM, from PhD students to Professors, and from entry-level researchers to entrepreneurs, to take part in their grassroots science outreach project.

Benefits For Applying

There are numerous benefits for applying for the programme including:

  • Training at one of our bespoke Soapbox Science workshops
  • Chances to meet other fantastic women in science and join our growing Soapbox Science Alumni community of over 1000 inspirational speakers
  • Join the conversation about equality in science and highlight your ideas of how best to increase the visibility of women in science


Soapbox Science will be coming to Accra, Ghana on the 25th May, 2019. Interested? Apply here for the programme

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