Coinbase Enables Users In Ghana To Purchase Cryptocurrencies Via Bank Cards

Coinbase, a US based cryptocurrency exchange platform recently announced that they will be adding new services 20+ countries with Ghana being included on list.

Ghanaian users will now be able to purchase crypto currencies on the Coinbase platform using their debit cards.

Users will be able to buy Bitcoin, Etherium, Doge Coin and other popular cryptocurrencies via their coinbase accounts.

Coinbase went public this year on the Nasdaq exchange via a direct listing.

  1. Is a good news that Ghanaians can invest on coinbase using debit cards. My serious question is, if you want to withdraw, what means would you use to withdraw your money after selling your bitcoin from coinbase whiles in Ghana. Please kindly help me with an answer to this question.

    1. Hi. The best you can do is buy from Coinbase and make a transfer to a local crypto wallet like Bundle Africa. But it might be better to use a local crypto wallet to buy bitcoins since they use local methods like mobile money

    2. You would need to send the bitcoin to a local wallet in Ghana because Coinbase only allows you to withdraw to a US bank account

  2. If am using my debit card to buy, will they charge me for customs fee and clearing, for example am buying BTC for $100 will there add any fee to this which will make it increase to $150-200

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