Complete Farmer To Expand To Ivory Coast; Launch Of Mobile App Imminent

Agri-tech startup Complete Farmer will expand its operations to Ivory Coast this year and build its local base of users by launching a mobile app.

The startup which was found in 2017 at the Meltwater Entrepreneur School Incubator is aiming to ensure food security in Ghana and allowing users to earn money from farming remotely.

Users can sponsor farm managers, monitor progress from their homes, and earn returns after harvest, as Complete Farmer sells produce to purchasers.

Complete Farmer will expand its operations to Ivory Coast by the fourth quarter of the year, which will enable it to grow crops that thrive in specific regions of Africa. Complete Farmer will also increase its database on proprietary crop cultivation protocols by gathering more data through the extension of its field sensory networks for specific crop species. 

Mobile App

Complete Farmer is also working on a mobile application for its users. The app will include a number of features such as a chatbot for faster customer service, and social media integration to enable users to share photos and videos of their farms. Complete Farmer will also launch its crowd farming service for universities and diaspora communities as it looks to acquire a larger customer base.

Source: Disrupt Africa

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