Have an interesting story or opinion about technology that you want to share on Tech Nova? Then by all means, we’re ready to share it on our website.

First things first: At Tech Nova, we feature stories which we feel would be compelling to our audience. Want to share “5 Ways That Users Can Improve Their Android Phone” type stories? That’s not really what we’re looking for….

Have a news story about technology that you feel that no one is talking about? Then that might be something we would like to feature. Or maybe you want to write about the changing landscape of digital media? That would also be neat.

We also want stories about how technology has affected your personal life or others you know. Know a friend who’s addicted to social media and it’s affecting their personal life? We want those stories.

Are you a startup or entrepreneur and want to tell your personal story about how you came up? We’re also interested in your story!

How to submit

You can send your articles in Word documents or HTML format to [email protected]. If you have accompanying images for your piece, you can attach it to the email. You should also include a brief bio about yourself with an image of yourself.

If we decide to publish your article, please note that we may edit the piece if it requires some correction.

We look forward to reading from you.

What’s In Your Bag Feature

At Tech Nova, we have a special feature where we ask some Ghanaians “what’s in their bag?” It’s a feature where people show off their gadget stash that they use in their daily lives at home or at work. It doesn’t have to be totally gadget related (It can even feature your favorite book!)

The format is very simple:

Group all your tech stuff and take a picture of them all together like this:

Next, you take a picture of each individual gadget and write about it. Talk about how you got it, where you bought it, what you like about it, what you don’t like about it etc… You can write it like the screenshot below:

You can send in your “What”s In My Bag” articles to [email protected] in either in Word or HTML document format. You can add in a small bio about yourself as well as your profile picture and your social media links or website.


All content that will be posted will be reviewed to make sure it gets the maximum exposure. Grammar and spelling errors will be checked and reviewed before publishing. Media such as personal images, stock photos and video will also be reviewed and optimized before publishing.

If you have an original post from your own website and would like to share on here, we wouldn’t mind posting it on our site. Just drop us a link to the story in our inbox ([email protected]) and we’ll get back to you on when we can post the story.