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Tech Nova covers the way technology is changing the way we live in Ghana.

Ride-hailing companies and self-driving cars are transforming the way we get around their community, social networks are fostering niche communities and political movements, and governments are looking for ways to use technology to enhance services to the country.

We want writers who can explore effects and changes which are happening in the local community with the advent of technology.

You can submit stories to [email protected]

Stories We’re Looking For

First things first: At Tech Nova, we feature stories which we feel would be compelling to our audience. Want to share “5 Ways That Users Can Improve Their Android Phone” type stories?

That’s not really what we’re looking for.

Have a news story about technology that you feel that no one is talking about? Then that might be something we would like to feature. Or maybe you want to write about the changing landscape of digital media? That would also be neat.

We also want stories about how technology has affected your personal life or others you know. Know a friend who’s addicted to social media and it’s affecting their personal life? We want those stories.

Are you a startup or entrepreneur and want to tell your personal story about how you came up? We’re also interested in your story!