If you live in Ghana or went to High School in Ghana, you know how seriously alumnis take their SHS’. For them, it’s a source of pride to see their schools emerge as winners at some of the biggest regional competitions in the country, most notably the National Maths & Science Quiz.

It’s so huge that some of the biggest brands in town throw their weight behind the competition, and social media usually go gaga during this period. It’s no surprise that a budding entrepreneur has seen this as an opportunity and is building a platform that ranks the best SHS schools in each academic year.

We had a sit down with the man behind the idea, Prosper Sosu, a 27yr old Ghanaian Tech entrepreneur, who saw an opportunity in the midst of chaos, and thanks to the opportunity he got, learning to write code via iSpace’s Code School, he’s well on his way to launching www.myshsrank.com


Prosper: My name is Prosper Sosu, founder of LynApps, a Mobile and Web app Solutions company based out of Ghana. I attended Odorgonno Senior High and graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon with a degree in Information Science & Economics.

The start of your programming Journey

Prosper:  If memory serves me right, my interest in programming started in my first year in the University – circa 2011 – when I read about teenagers younger than me developing apps. I said to myself if they can, why can’t I? I had the passion and the enthusiasm, all I needed was the experience and skill.

Prosper Sosu

Joining Code School at iSpace

Prosper: I heard about iSpace’s Code School during one of my internet surfing moments and decided to apply. With much luck, I got in. I officially joined iSpace during the second install of it’s Code School, late 2016. This was a defining moment for me. I was so confident in the fact that this was a step in the right direction for me.

What did iSpace’s Code School help you achieve?

Prosper: A whole lot actually. My exposure to the iSpace Code school helped me effectively run an ICT club (Lyn Apps Club) which I founded with the intent to help teenagers turn their interest for the computer and internet into a positive use. iSpace also provided an environment for fellow startup founders and entrepreneurs, which helped with collaboration.

Then there were the technical skills – the expertise to launch into the tech industry with viable startup ideas and working knowledge to execute.

My confidence is also on a high – I believe there’s no business idea I have, that’s not executable.

About Myshsrank.com

Prosper: MySHSrank is an idea that came about as a result of the close competition between High school’s in Ghana, and the lack of relevant and trustworthy information on SHS rankings in Ghana.

It’s pretty much a web solution that seeks to rank Senior High Schools based on WASSCE performance (Directly from GES), Sports, courses, location, extracurricular activities etc. This not only continues to encourage a healthy competition but provides JHS students with relevant information before they make the all-important decision.

It’s a project I’m really excited to launch. Development is almost done and we should be set to launch by February 2018. More to come.

What languages do you code in?

Prosper: I do a lot of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap frameworks and Java. More to come.

Footprints of this Journey

It’s been an exciting journey and I’m even more excited about the future. The thought of making an impact and constant progress inspires me to want to do more. Also, with mentors like Josiah Eyison, there are no limits – only hurdles for you to jump over.

I also owe a good chunk of this success to iSpace’s Code School. There’s a new installment coming up – I’d advice anyone with a dollar and a dream to be a part of it, It could totally change your life.

Connect with Prosper:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sosupp

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prosper-sosu/

About Code School

Code School is a three part program comprising Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes that aims to train people on how to build Mobile and Web Apps. This a fun but serious program that aims to make you employable in the Tech Industry and build your ideas which will lead into building a successful business.

To apply for the December Installment , click here

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