It might be a little early but it looks like some players in the electric space have started pushing for electric vehicle charging systems in Ghana.
The Electric Company of Ghana (ECG) is reportedly collaborating with POBAD International to install electric vehicle (EV) charging systems in some strategic locations across the country.
ECG has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with POBAD International Ltd to pilot the operations of the EV charging system in strategic locations in Accra over the next three months.
The pilot will help ECG to carry out thorough engineering and commercial studies into the effects of the EV charging system on EC’s electricity distribution networks, the energy consumption rate of the different charging systems, and any other issues.
Results from the pilot would also help all interested parties (automobile dealers, EV charging companies, EV users, regulators, and policymakers) to contribute meaningfully to the development of the EV subsector in Ghana.

POBAD has installed two EC charging sites at the A&C Mall in East Legon, Accra, and Stanbic Heights, Airport City with more sites being completed in 2021.
The company plans to install ultra-fast EV charging hardware which would charge electric vehicles between 15 and 30 minutes at their partner filling stations along the major highways to offer support to EV drivers when they travel between towns and other regions in Ghana.

Source: Peace Online

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
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