Event: British Council Social Thursday – Women In Enterprise

On Thursday 23rd August, the British Council had its Social Thursday event which was around the theme of “Women In Enterprise“. The event was to highlight women who had devlved in entrepreneurship and talk about entrepreneurship for women in Ghana.

The speakers on the dias included Constance Swaniker (CEO, Accents & Art Limited), Regina Agyare-Honu (CEO, Soronko Academy), Candace Nkoth Bisseck (Business Coach, Stanford Seed, West Africa) and Yasmin Kumi – Founder, Africa Foresight Group.

The session was moderated by Dziffa Akua Ametam (Founder, Dziffa.com) & co-host of Breakfast Daily, Citi TV’s Breakfast Show.

The panel spoke about their experiences working as entrepreneurs and the difficulties that they had faced running their businesses as women in Ghana.

For a full recap of the event, you can watch the video here


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