Flutterwave Introduces “Flutterwave Grow” For Businesses To Register In The UK And US

African fintech company, Flutterwave, has introduced a new feature “Flutterwave Grow” – a product that allows users to easily set up a registered business online.

Introducing Flutterwave Grow: Register & grow your business without hassles

With Flutterwave Grow, Flutterwave simplifies the process of registering and incorporating a business by removing all the complexity around paperwork and legal procedures. By becoming a registered legal entity, a user will be able to scale your business and gain access to opportunities, resources, and tools that corporate entities use e.g raising investment for your business.

Flutterwave Grow users can get their businesses registered in 3 – 5 days according to Flutterwave’s website. can go to Flutterwave’s Grow website to get started with the process. Users who are fully onboarded get access to a corporate account and an international business card for free as well as Flutterwave’s business tools.

Users can sign up for a waitlist on Flutterwave’s Grow website to get access.

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