Flutterwave Reportedly In A Bidding War To Purchase British Fintech Railsr

A report is stating that Flutterwave is among a number of other fintechs, currently in discussions to buy a British fintech.

The report from Sky News has stated that Railsr (formally known as Railsbank) is currently in discussions to sell at a multibillion dollar valuation.

Railsr, which specialises in embedded finance solutions such as banking services, credit cards and digital wallets is currently in a bidding war.

One insider said there was “heavy competition for the asset“.

Railsr has been working with bankers at FT Partners on a range of strategic options including an outright sale for several months.

The company had recently completed a $46m Series C funding round and had raised well over $100m in equity funding, with backing from investors including Visa.

Source: Sky News

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