Future City: Introducing The (Re)Designing Accra Series

Welcome to Accra. The capital of Ghana.

Accra is home to around two million people as of 2012. Due to rural-urban migration, the number is probably higher in 2018.

Accra is a city with ever-expanding infrastructure. High rise buildings keep springing up everywhere as well as new malls and shopping centres popping up at every corner. Tech and co-working hubs like iSpace, Workshed and Kukuan are also growing in popularity.

Kwame Nkrumah Interchange | Image Credit: MyJoyOnline

But don’t be fooled. Despite growing and improving, Accra has its problems. Problems which the city occupants complain about almost every day on social media and radio. Deteriorating infrastructure, roads full of cracks and potholes, the ever-increasing traffic situation, and incessant power problems are a few problems to mention.

These are just a few of the problems which are in dire need of solutions. If some of these issues are not addressed, one could easily see the growth of Accra hitting a wall especially given its small space.

Villagio | Image Credit: Laurie Frimpong

The question is: How we do fix Accra? What needs to be looked at for Accra to flourish in the near future and keep pace with other cities around the world?

Introducing The “Redesigning Accra” Series

In the coming weeks, Tech Nova will be exploring different ways Accra can be redesigned to make the city better. This series will feature different ways technology can be applied to make the city more efficient and better overall.

The series will explore different themes including Energy, Transportation, Sanitation, and Housing.

The series with cite examples of other cities around the world and highlight how they’re using technology to make their cities more efficient and highlight how Accra can do the same.

Watch out for the “Redesigning Accra” series coming up on Tech Nova in the coming weeks.

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