Future Of Media And Working On “Tech Nova 3.1”

We just wanted to make a couple of announcements with Tech Nova.

We’re currently working on Tech Nova 3.1, which is a new direction that we’re taking our publication platform. Nothing much is going to change but we’re hard at work working on new content and sharing them via new avenues: Here’s what we’re working on:

Expanding The Team

Tech Nova will now have a Managing Editor to help curate new content for the platform as well as rolling out new brand strategies.

In addition, we’ll be adding two content writers to the team for writing and publication of stories. (If you’re interested in joining Tech Nova, you can check out the job description here)

New Content And Focus On Social Media

With the expansion of the team, Tech Nova will be focused not only on written stories but we’ll also be having a new focus on our social media platforms and will also be taking advantage of new social audio platforms including Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces for special sessions and interactions.

We’ll also be refocusing on our Tech Nova newsletter and being more active with our subscribers. (You can subscribe to our newsletter here)

Bring Back Ads And Focus On Monetisation

Early this year, we suspended our Ad program but we’ll be relaunching that next month and we’ll also be focused on an Ad program for local startups and businesses.

We’re always open to partnerships and collaborations, so if you want to work with the Tech Nova brand, we’re open for business.

Tech Nova 3.1 And The Future Of Media

In July, we’ll be rolling out a new homepage. The “new” Tech Nova 3.1

The new Tech Nova will be focused not only on the tech ecosystem in Ghana but also on other interesting tech stories that we occasionally miss. The Tech Nova website will also be getting a face lift to show off the new content we’ll be working on.

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