Game Changer: You Could Be Able To Flip Emojis In Other Directions in 2018

Guys, this could be a game changer.

Unicode, the industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems, announced the 2018 emoji list and proposed an update: emoji direction.

This update would allow users to change the direction of the emojis that they post.

The proposed update might not affect all emoji but only the ones which might benefit from operating in different directions.

New Candidates for emojis next year

It might not seem like a big deal but most social media communication happens to involve a lot of the use of emojis. The ability to use emojis which can go in different directions can be handy for people who tend to use it a lot.

Nothing is set in stone yet and the updates for the new emoji list as well as the proposed update for directional emojis should roll out in 2018.

So next year, you might be able to use this 👀 for….

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