Ghana Telecommunication Companies Reduce Cost And Increase Limits Of Mobile Money Transactions In Wake Of COVID19

The major telcos and Bank Of Ghana (BOG) have agreed to offer more efficient payments to promote digital transactions beginning on March 20.

For the next three months, BOG and telcos will implement the following:

  • All mobile money users can send up to GH₵100 for free (excluding cash out). This includes sending to a recipient on the same network, or another network via the interoperability platform.
  • All mobile phone subscribers are now permitted to use their already existing mobile phone registration details to be on-boarded for Minimum KYC Account.

The daily transaction limits for mobile money are increased as follows:

  • Minimum KYC Account – GH₵300.00 increased to GH₵1,000.00
  • Medium KYC Account – GH₵2,000.00 increased to GH₵5,000.00
  • Enhanced KYC Account – GH₵5,000.00 increased to GH₵10,000.00

Mobile Money Wallet limits have also been increased:

  • Minimum KYC Account – GH₵1,000.00 increased to GH₵2,000.00
  • Medium KYC Account – GH₵10,000.00 increased to GH₵15,000.00
  • Enhanced KYCAccount – GH₵20,000.00 increased to GH₵30,000.00

Monthly transaction limits have also been increased:

  • Minimum KYC – Account GH₵3,000.00 increased to GH₵6,000.00
  • Medium KYC – Account GH₵20,000.00 increased to No Limit
  • Enhanced KYC – Account GH₵50,000.00 increased to No Limit

The companies are also gearing up to announce an emergency short code “112” in collaboration with Ministry of Communications and Health.

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