Ghanaian Brands on Social Media; Hit or Miss?

For some, It’s probably disingenuous to pretend that social media is still something nascent and unproven for brands.

Over time, businesses have been known to converse in high-sounding industry jargon and a great deal of formality in customer relations.

But all these are being thrown out with the advent of social media platforms whose rules are set by the users. The erstwhile “serious” brands now appear more relatable and they connect with customers in a language they understand. These companies have found smart ways to market their brands to consumers, all over the globe.

But is Ghana left behind in this trend? Are the indigenous brands keying into trends to please their customers on social media?

I’ve been going through reputable social media reports on Ghanaian brands and matching the top companies with their social media presence in terms of wit, jumping on trends and an unconventional way of conveying messages, and both are significantly unmatched.

We’ve seen brands jump on notable trends worldwide. Most recently, Emirates jumping on the #AprilFools trend with this epic tweet;

Most notably, the #Keepthechangebae trend that Nigerian brands jumped on and milked the life out of. This epic tweet by Wema bank had us all shook;

We can’t also ignore the little brouhaha between Wendy’s and burger king which could pass as literally one of the most hilarious twitter beefs between brands in recent times;

The truth is, if you want to carve a niche for your brand on social media, your social media managers need to be unconventional in their approach. The era of being a notable brand just by your followership is long gone. Sure, the follower count plays a crucial role in terms of integrity and brand acceptance, but Ghanaian brands need to move on from their ‘boring’ timelines to more dynamic posts.

Surfline seems to be leading the pack with this subtle shade at Busy4G;

Considering the digital arsenal they have in terms of resources and personnel, one would expect customer-centred brands such as Airtel to handle their accounts with more finesse and panache but most times, it’s all formalities.

A gentle scroll through the timeline of some of the boring leading brands on social media, is truly a cause for concern. They need to either fire their social media managers, or simply just adapt to the times we live in.

The dynamic ways of handling social media accounts for brands are sure to get your customers/users engaged, lessen the pressure of a hard working day and give them cause to come back scrolling through your timeline.

But if you bore them with industry jargons and formality, you’d be sure to see your follower count drop over time.

Dynamic Content sells for most companies but with a lot of Ghanaian brands, it’s looking like a miss with customers…


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