GoGive Time Is A Volunteer App Trying To Making Volunteering More Easy And Fun

Volunteering can be a great social exercise for your local community. Whether it’s a cleanup exercise or volunteering time at a school or shelter, volunteering can help connect to the local ecosystem, help great personal skills and even be good for your professional career.

But without going the manual process of filling out forms and generally trying to find volunteering opportunities, how do you volunteer time to help out the local community?

A company is trying to help solve that problem with an app they’re working on called GoGive Time.

Photo Credit: Phyllis Muthoni

GoGive Time is a mobile app that enables students and professionals to generate social currency from human capital in the form of volunteer time. This currency accumulates over time-based on volunteer hours and earns volunteer opportunities for personal and professional growth in the form of leadership development and future job opportunities.

App Features

The GoGive Time App has features including the ability for organizations and volunteers to create and publish community service events. Volunteers who use the app can accumulate hours towards milestones to receive recognition for time and quality of their service.

The app enables volunteers to search for volunteering opportunities based on proximity, area of interest, or timeframe. They can also easily share volunteer opportunities with others via their social media networks. Volunteers will be able to sign-up for events, check-in upon arrival, and check-out at departure through the app.

The app also allows administrators to vet organisations and volunteers.

Sign Up For Beta

The company is currently accepting users for testing of the app. For more information, you can visit https://gogivetime.org/ to sign up and get more information about the app.

App Screenshots Photo Credit: Phyllis Muthoni

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