How To: Bookmark A Tweet

Twitter now allows users to bookmark a tweet directly from the tweet, which can be saved for later viewing. Previously, you would have to select the “Share” option to bookmark tweets.

How’s how to bookmark a tweet on desktop and mobile:

  • Select a Tweet you wish to bookmark.
  • Select the Bookmark icon. The tweet will be saved to bookmarks.
Bookmark icon is between the “like” and “share” icon

To view your saved Tweets, tap Bookmarks from your profile icon menu.

Bookmarks in the Profile menu

To remove a saved Bookmark, select the Tweet within your Bookmarks timeline and select the Bookmark icon to remove it from bookmarks.

About Bookmarks 

  • Bookmarks are private and are only viewable to you within your Twitter account.
  • Bookmarks can be used in Twitter Spaces if you are hosting or speaking in a space. You can use Bookmarks as a way to organize and queue up the Tweets you want to share.

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