How To: Start A Podcast With Anchor

Podcasting is a big trend these days. It feels like almost anyone can just get on a microphone and start a podcast. There are various tools online for you to do just that and Anchor is one of those tools.

Owned by Spotify, Anchor is a tools for easily recording a podcast and distributing it onto popular podcast platforms like Apple, Google, and Spotify. Anchor also allows users to monetize their podcasts with advertising spots.

If you’re ready to jump into podcasting with Anchor, here’s how you can get started:

Sign Up

Go to and select the Sign up button to start the sign up process by creating an account.

Getting Started

Once you’ve signed up and confirmed through your email, you’re ready to get started. Anchor will ask you to create a trailer for your podcast but you can do that later.

Set Up Your Podcast

The first process is setting up your podcast. You need to name your podcast and enter what it is about. You select a category, a language and then you move on to the next step

Cover Art

If you have a custom cover art, you can upload it or select a temporary one. You can always change your podcast cover art later

Submit For Distribution

After you have done all the above, you can submit your podcast for distribution and Anchor will distribute your podcast to all the popular streaming platforms.

You’re now ready to record your very first episode. You can record an episode straight from the browser using a microphone or an earpiece. The best advice is to record in a place where there’s not much noise or echo for good sound quality.

You also record on your phone with the Anchor app.

After you’ve recorded the sound for your episode, you can give it an episode title and enter the description for your episode.

You also upload a custom cover art for your episode, give it an episode number and a season number, as well classify it as an episode with explicit content (swearing, not situable for children etc)

Once you’re set, you can select the “Publish Now” button at the top or select a “Publish Date” to schedule a date for publishing.

Congratulations on creating your very first podcast!

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