InDrive Launches In Ghana With Its Unique Peer To Peer Pricing Model

inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, has started operating in Ghana.

The company operates in other African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and Namibia, as well as in 700 cities in 47 countries.

Peer To Peer Pricing Model

Unlike other ride sharing services where the price is automatically set, InDrive has a feature called peer-to-peer pricing model, where the passenger and the driver agree on the fare and other details of the ride directly.

These agreements are final and do not change depending on distance, weather conditions or traffic congestion.

The platform does not use pricing algorithms and does not increase trip fares during rush hours. Once a passenger inputs their location and their offer, they can select available offers from drivers on the screen.

Section where you make an offer to drivers

Driver ratings and car models are displayed and the passenger can select which driver they prefer based on ratings and price offer.

Unlike other services, inDrive Drivers always see the destination prior to accepting the ride request.

No Service Charge For Drivers At Initial Launch

inDrive will not charge a service fee during the first stage of the launch in Accra which means drivers who join the platform will be making sales which are commission free.

After the initial launch, InDrive is reported to take commissions of about 5% – 8%

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