iSpace is Grooming Ghana’s Next Generation of Developers & Designers Through Phoenix Kids

Over the past months, iSpace has trained kids on Coding, Robotics & 3D design under the auspices of it’s Phoenix Kids Program. Partnering with companies like Radical Leap, Mobile Web Ghana & Ghana Code Club, kids in both rural and urban communities in Ghana who are between the ages of 6 – 16 are being equipped with creative ideas and skills, helping them to be creators of applications and the future generation of the tech space.

Realizing the huge gap in capacity building, especially with the younger generation, iSpace has been heavily involved with the youths and teenagers in getting them to channel their burst of creativity and excitement, into learning the intricacies of Robotics, 3D Design, HTML & Scratch etc, thereby equipping the kids with the necessary skills they need to excel in a rapidly changing technological world. From the looks of it, combining this training with their regular School syllabus is a no-brainer – the kids are definitely better off.

So far, over 53 kids have successfully completed the program and got awarded. For iSpace, this is more like a CSR initiative, yet they still manage to do the Lord’s work. This is very commendable and encouraging, especially at a time where Ghana is at a dearth of tech talent as compared to its demand and the opportunities.

So what better time to close that gap and with which better group of people, than to start with the emerging talents?

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Trainings are practical and hands-on, as tutors take time to explain and practicalize how robots are made and controlled after which the kids are then encouraged to create on their own. Same goes for building applications, using HTML and enacting 3D Designs.

This is indeed a great initiative by iSpace, and a unique opportunity for parents to give their kids a skill that’s worthwhile. So while it’s good to send your kids to swimming lessons or ballet lessons, signing them up for Coding and Robotics class, looks like a better gig, in the long run.

Classes are every Saturday, and applications are always on.

Enroll your Child today: Click Here


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