Mazzuma Announces Partnership with Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CV VC)

Mazzuma, a Ghana cryptocurrency startup, has announced a partnership with Crypto Valley Venture Capital.

Mazzuma aims at connecting the world through payments, remittances, and blockchain, and positions itself to deliver world-class payment services to customers all over the globe.

CV VC is an organization that invests in blockchain because it believes it’s more than technology. With CV Labs Incubator, startups are able to participate in an intensive hybrid program with access to the sector’s foremost thinkers, technologists, and supportive infrastructure of service providers.

The Mazzuma team was present at CV VC’s Africa Week held in South Africa where they introduced their technology and showcased how Mazzuma was solving financial problems that millions of people on the African continent experience.

“Although we are united as Africans, the truth is that our cultures and countries are extremely fragmented. For the first time ever, there is a technology — blockchain, which allows us to unite our people, economies, and countries in ways that we have yet to experience”, said Co-founder and director of business strategy Kofi Genfi

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