Meta Is Testing Broadcast Channels On Instagram

Meta has introduced a new feature on Instagram called “Broadcast Channels”.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg announced via the new feature (Currently available only on mobile). 

The new feature allows creators to broadcast messages and updates to a broad audience of followers that opt into following the channel. Followers will not be able to post in the channels, but they can emoji react to posts and vote in polls.

In the future, broadcast channels will “support collabs with guest appearances, AMAs and more,” Zuckerberg says.

How broadcast channels will look like

Channels are only available on Instagram to start but will be coming to Messenger and Facebook “in the coming months.”

Once available to users, anyone can start a channel from their Instagram inbox. Users will also be able to pin the channel link to their profile to make it easier for others to join. It can open to all of your followers, but you can make them exclusive to paid subscribers.

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