Mobility Company MAX Officially Launches Its Services In Ghana

MAX, a leading mobility and technology company, has announced its entry into the Ghanaian market with the appointment of David Hoyme as Director of International Growth and Expansion.

At a press event held in Accra, the mobility company stated that their rollout in Ghana is to help address urban and mobility issues in Africa.

“The official rollout in Ghana is a necessary step on the mission to address the perennial problems around urban and rural mobility across the African continent.” Head of E-mobility at MAX, Tolu Williams.

MAX currently has a vehicle subscription service which helps to address affordability for drivers and provide employment. The company also has features like the e-wallet and other benefits also seek to solve the problem of financial inclusion for operators in rural areas.

A lot of the problems we face today as a continent are rooted in mobility. We believe that the future of innovation and sustainable growth in Africa will rest on access to sectors like education, health, and finance, all driven by mobility. This is why we are committing significant resources and establishing long-term partnerships with some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers to bring sustainable mobility solutions to people in urban and rural areas.” Tolu Williams added.

Originally known for its widely popular motorcycle-hailing service, MAX has evolved into a multisector solution provider, promoting financial inclusion and sustainability.

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