Guest Post: Online Vs Offline Gaming In Ghana – Looking At Data Options

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Let’s take a tour about how much data/bandwidth video gaming uses and what networks to use when you’re in Ghana. This includes how much data they charge and people’s experience with using them.

The amount of data/bandwidth consumed by playing video games online depends primarily on the game engine. This consists of how the game was built; the coding and architecture used. Some secondary factors that contribute will be in-game settings, modes and whether or not the player chooses to stream the gameplay. Some secondary factors could affect data usage even more.

The average data usage per hour ranges between 30MB and 200MB requiring connection speeds up to 512Kbps. This dips further for most mobile games to about 1.09MB usage per day. These figures are exclusive of updates/patches released for various games from mobile through Playstation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Update sizes could be as low as 12mb to as high as 40GB for Elder Scrolls on Playstation 4. Adding voice chat to your online gameplay can increase data usage to as much as 180MB for a high quality skype call every hour.

Playing and streaming/broadcasting your gameplay could cost you about 780Mb of data per hour (High Quality, Upload Only).

The Real Question – Which Network Works Best?


“NAT Restrictions are annoying” – Whiplash (LAN Party GH)

“Data costs are way too high” – MultiMaN (LAN Party GH)

“I use Surfline for online gaming but i find it very inconsistent, on good days the connection is very good but on other days you just can’t game with it without you having to nag constantly in FIFA that your respond times are delayed and in FPS games such as BF1 you just have to deal with unregistered shots all day.” – xpDAghost3

“We need a stable network with dedicated bandwidth for smooth gaming. Fibre to the house is the best option in my opinion. That gives you a better bandwidth and a much stable connectivity. But I expect that to be a standard.” – Cedric (Fifa Fair Play – FFP Forum)

“I am not entirely sure why in this age networks are offering data packages below 1GB. Seeing a notification like you’ve been given 50Mb free to browse Facebook is just ridiculus in an age where everything is video centred and even cell phone cameras are taking pictures in 4K.” – Liam (AnTrix Playground)

Below are the rates for the telecom companies and data providers:

MTN Rates


Data Bundle Price (Gh¢) Validity (Days)
300MB 10 30
1GB 20 30
2.5GB 40 30
4GB 60 30
6GB 80 30
10GB 120 30
18GB 200 30
 20GB 240 30
25GB 300 30
30GB 360 30
32GB 400 30
35GB 420 30
40GB 480 30
50GB 600 30
100GB 800 30



Data Bundle Price (Gh¢) Validity (Days)
2GB 2.99 4HRS (12AM – 4 AM)
20MB 0.5 1
50MB 1 1
200MB 3 1
450MB 5 1
150MB 3 3
25MB 1 7
120MB 3 7
400MB 5 7
750MB 10 15
1.2GB 15 15
250MB 5 30
500MB 10 30
800MB 15 30
3GB 30 30
6.5GB 60 30
9GB 75 30
15GB 120 45
30GB 200 45
60GB 250 60
100GB 300 90
200GB 350 90



Data Bundle Price (Gh¢) Validity(Days)
1.5GB 20 15
5GB 35 30
12GB 75 30
25GB 140 30
50GB 250 60
100GB 399 90

Vodafone Fixed Broadband


Data Bundle Price (Gh¢) Validity(Days)
20GB 85 30
40GB 125 30
80GB 180 30
200 250 30
500GB 400 30

Busy Internet


Data Bundle Price (Gh¢) Validity(Days)
250MB 5 7
500MB 12 7
1GB 19 30
2GB 30 30
5GB 65 60
10GB 120 30
25GB 225 30
50GB 299 30
100GB 399 30



Data Bundle Price (GH¢) Validity (Days) Volume of 2x (MB)
10MB 0.5 1 10
20MB 0.85 1 20
30MB 1 5 60
50MB 1.5 7 100
100MB 3 15 200
200MB 5 20 400
750MB 15 30 1500
2GB 30 30 4096
5GB 60 30 10240
6GB 75 90 12288
12GB 150 90 24576

The range for the networks provided above is from as low as 10Mb at 50 pesewas to as high as 500 GB for 400 Cedis and 100 GB for 800 Cedis.

One of the biggest challenge is the fact that it’s impossible to play certain games like FIFA online with friends due to network restrictions if you’re not on a broadband connection. In other words it works only with Vodafone fixed line broadband.

Guest post was written by William Nkansa Ofori of Antrix Gaming You can read more about Antrix Gaming on their website and find out their gaming events or much more.

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