Paystack Launches “Pay With Apple Pay” In Ghana

Paystack, a Nigeria fintech payment provider with operations in Ghana, has announced its new pay channel “Pay with Apple Pay” for Ghanaian users. The payment channel allows merchants to accept international payments quickly and securely from millions of Apple Pay users.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple. It enables frictionless payments that allow customers to authorise payments with Touch ID or Face ID, instead of manually filling out long payment forms.

How does Pay with Apple Pay work?

Customers with Apple Pay enabled on their Apple devices will automatically see the option to checkout using Apple Pay, and can complete the transaction using Touch ID, or Face ID.

PwAP in Ghana
This is what Pay with Apple Pay looks like to customers in Ghana

Merchants can enable the “Apple Pay” option in their Paystack preference settings.

A screenshot of the Paystack Settings Page

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