Revisiting Government’s Pledge To Improve Ease Of Doing Business In Ghana

Last year in March, The Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia announced 10 different measures which would be introduced by Ghana’s Ministries, Departments, and Agencies in an effort to improve Ghana’s business environment by the year’s end.

We followed up to check on how many of those measures have been completed:


For companies applying to register without a TIN number, the TIN number will now be generated automatically online at the point of application;

Status: Not Done Yet

At the moment, the online process still remains the same where companies still have to register their TINs separately before applying on the Register General Department online.

A mobile app and an online platform for the ease of filing tax returns; Individuals will be able to file their taxes online by April 2019

Status: Partly Done

At the moment, there’s not a full mobile app in which users can file their taxes but there is a website/platform to file taxes online which is mobile friendly.

Implementation of an electronic justice system that allows the automated serving of court process with speed and ease

Status: In Progress

An e-justice was announced last year but it has yet to officially go live for the automation of court processes.

Removal of the requirement for a commissioner of oaths in registering a company when the companies bill is passed

Status: Done

Merger of all four starting-a-business application forms: TIN application, SSNIT application, Business Operating Permit application, and Business Registration forms

Status: Not Done Yet

This is still in progress and hasn’t fully been done.

Automation of the application for Business Operating Permit along with instant online issuance following payment

Status: Not Done Yet

This has also not been operationalized yet and the process is still manual.

Reduction and automation of the steps to getting electricity;

Status: Done

The Vice President recently officially launched the ECG Power App where consumers and businesses can digitally add their meters to the app and make payments of bills online.

Automation of the construction permit system along with instant online issuance following payments;

Status: Not Done Yet

The process of obtaining and payment of construction permits is still done through the manual process.

Reduction in physical examination of containers through the use of risk engine;

Status: In Progress/Done

The Tema Port had announced last year that they had drastically reduced the physical examination of containers

Passage of the Insolvency Bill and the Companies’ Bill into law by Parliament

Status: In Progress

The last update was that the current bill was going through the official process in parliament and had not yet passed.

Of all the 10 measures announced, four (4) have been completed and fully done while the remaining six (6) were still in progress or uncompleted.

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  1. I think regarding all the projects it really doesn’t give much value to public but rather to the government. They all seem to cash payment systems or revenue generation applications all going to the government or privately owned groups within the sector. With regards to the electricity app it might be better if they built an app where it tackled issue of the public like you can file complaints when they turn off the lights(obviously which is more like solving a problem for customers, in which seems to always be happening). The lights off situation isn’t an app problem but an organization or structural and managerial problem. The water not running in my home backyard is an institutional problem. To draw a closer analogy its like using the wrong tool to solve a wrong problem. The problem we have in Ghana and the government are they seem to look for short term solutions without testing to see if it actually tackles a pertinent problem and specifically benefits customers or clients and the public. The public losing money from payments is of no benefit when they are still turning off lights without notice(doesn’t solve the recurring electricity problem). This message is directed to the government. Let alone its not every platform that has to be payment system(certain services should be free or a mandate for every citizen). Just wanted to share

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