Ride-Hailing Startup Treepz Officially Launches In Ghana

Ride-hailing firm, Treepz, has officially launched in Ghana in the bid to provide more convenience to commercial vehicle users (trotro) as well as offer its platform to people and organizations in need of mobility services.

The company has designated Ghana as its hub in the sub-region. The move is coming at a time the continent’s public transportation sector is gradually evolving with the emergence of new technology-driven modes of transportation.

The Treepz ride-hailing services offer good opportunities for both drivers and users in the form of increased choices and lower cost of transport services. Fifteen brand new Toyota and Hyundai mid-size buses (11-15 seater) have been deployed to provide ride-hailing services in Accra for the start and the number would be scaled up to 100 vehicles by the end of the year 2022.

Speaking at the launch, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Fredrick Obeng Adom said: “By this laudable initiative, employment has been created for some Ghanaians. We should be happy about this development and resolve to support and promote this business to grow to provide even greater benefit to the national economy.

Treepz Co-Founder and CEO, Onyeka Akumah said the company is excited about the Ghanaian market and would want to scale up its service with time. He added that one thing the company prides itself on is safe travel.

You should expect more travel options; one of the things we do is to allow people to move from bus stop to bus stop. In addition to that is also aggregating different bus operators across Accra, Kumasi, the entire region. This would offer people the opportunity to travel from city to city with these bus operators.”

He added that the company is thinking of injecting more funds to help stabilize its operation in these difficult times of COVID-19, where the transport sector has been largely affected. “Accra has become a hub for us to expand into other regions as well. It has borders in Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin, touching into Nigeria which is like an operational base,” he said.

Original Story: Business And Financial Times

Cover image credit – @elly_serwaaa1 (Twitter)

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