Seso Expands Into Ghana With Its Property Management Platform

Seso, a platform for property management and transactions has officially expanded into Ghana. Launched in Nigeria in June 2019, Seso has developed a customer relationship management (CRM) portal that enables property developers, agents, and governments to manage their properties, documentation, and transactions on a secure blockchain database. 

The startup launched its first pilot in South Africa in November 2019, rolling out a government-facing registry portal with funding from Mastercard and the Oppenheimer Foundation, and launched in Ghana in May of this year in partnership with the British High Commission. Daniel Bloch, the startup’s CEO said it has 65 property developers on the platform, with over 6,000 total property units across its three markets. 

Seso provides a verified marketplace and one-stop platform for buyers to find properties and close their transactions. The startup takes a fee for transactions completed on the marketplace from those listing properties, though it is free to join and list.

Source: Disrupt Africa

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