Seven Major Twitter Product Announcements In June

Last month (June 2021), Twitter made major product announcements. Here are some major announcements from Twitter, the tech giant you might have missed last month.

Twitter Blue – Twitter’s First-Ever Subscription Offering

Twitter Blue launched on Twitter for iOS in Canada and Australia, but additional regions and feature updates are coming later this year. Subscriptions are priced regionally and paid on a monthly basis.

As a Twitter Blue subscriber, you will get these features and perks for the monthly price of $3.49 CAD or $4.49 AUD. We will be listening to feedback and building out even more features and perks for our subscribers over time. As always, we’ll be keeping you updated as we progress right here, so be sure to check back in. You can find the Tweet thread here and blog here.

Twitter Spaces – Addition Of New Tab

Starting on June 3, Twitter started testing a new way to find spaces by adding a new tab. You can find the Tweet thread here. This will make it as simple as possible to join the best, most relevant audio conversations every time you open Twitter.

Share Tweets To Instagram Stories (iOS Feature)

Skip the screenshots –– sharing Tweets to Instagram Stories right from the share menu rolled out to everyone on iOS.

Users can tap the share icon on a Tweet and select “Instagram Stories”. Once your Instagram app opens, you can resize/reposition the Tweet sticker before posting.  You can find the Tweet here.

Ticketed Spaces Application

Starting June 22, users can apply to be one of the first to try Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows with your audience. You can find the Tweet thread here.

Twitter Spaces-Speakers  

When adding speakers to Spaces, hosts can now see how many speakers invite slots are left. You can find the Tweet here.

Digital Services Act: Defending the Open Internet

Twitter shared a joint letter in response to the #DigitalServicesAct to call on the EU Commission to protect the Digital Single Market, fair competition and the Open Internet. 

Twitter is committed to increased transparency on policy enforcement, offering access to data to empower research & tackling coordinated manipulation. You can find the Twitter thread here and blog here.

15s view: A new way to buy premium video views on Twitter

To better meet the needs of advertisers who rely heavily on quality video views and video completion rates, Twitter rolled out a ‘15-second (15s) view’ buying model that prioritizes for engaged, longform views on their content.

This new bid unit is built to optimize for delivering 15-second or completed views, whichever comes first, and early testing has shown that it drives Twitter’s highest video completion rates yet. You can find the Tweet here and blog here.

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