Spotify Is Testing A “Lite” Version Of It’s App For Emerging Markets

It seems like lots of companies are working on “Lite” versions on their mobile applications. In the news recently, Uber, Google, Facebook and Instagram have all been testing “Lite” or slimmed down versions of their applications for emerging markets.

Spotify is also joining the “Lite” bandwagon as reports say that they are also testing a slimmed down version of their app.

Spotify Lite” will be available on Android in Brazil at the start. In size, it will only be 15Mb in size compared to the regular app which is 100 MB.

With a slimmer version, some features in the regular version will not be available in the Lite version. There will be no “Offline Playblack” and extreme quality playback.

There is also no “Spotify Connect“, which means you can wireless stream from your phone to another device like a speaker or TV.

From the screenshots, it also looks like you can select specific songs as all music played will be shuffled.

There’s no timeline as to when “Spotify Lite” will be available in other emerging markets like Ghana as Spotify is still doing testing on the current one.

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