Stabus Launches “Ghana Goes Back To Work” Initiative

Stabus, a transportation startup, has started an initiative called “Ghana Goes Back to Work”. With this initiative, the company is working with companies to bring back employees to the office by providing them safe and hygienic bus rides at discounted costs.

With their new offering, Stabus is matching employees of different companies that commute along the same routes with private buses for a fixed monthly fee, starting from GHS280 per person.

About Stabus

Stabus launched in November 2019 and has so far completed 900 trips on 6 routes in Accra. The company provides safe and convenient rides to workers using private air-conditioned buses.

To provide a reliable service to passengers, our buses leave on specific schedules and whenever possible use shortcuts, enabling our users to get to their destinations on time. The buses are provided by third parties and must meet some conditions.

Stabus has also launched a cross-border delivery service that matches delivery packages with buses and cargo vans departing from Ghana to Togo, Benin, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

COVID 19 Safety Measures

Stabus states that their buses on their platform are regularly disinfected and efforts are made to check the temperature of all passengers and provide them with hand sanitizer at the start of every ride. All riders and drivers are required to wear face masks throughout their trips.

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