Startup Spotlight: MapGhana – A Local “Yelp” Trying To Connect People

Finding certain things in Ghana can be frustrating, Need a painter for a project at home? You better know a friend who has a contact.

What about an electrician? Same issue.

Looks like a problem which needs a particular solution.

Enter MapGhana….

What is MapGhana?

MapGhana is a website/mobile app created to solve the persistent problems faced with finding and locating things as well as individuals and businesses in the country.

With MapGhana, users can “map” themselves or any services (restaurants, places of interest etc..) so that other people can easily find them as well as render their services quickly and effortlessly.

Need a graphic designer? You could probably find on MapGhana and quickly contact them for a project.

The startup looks like it’s in its early stages as it keeps populating their population of people and places.

You can find out more about MapGhana on their website: You can also try out the app on iOS and the Playstore.

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