Startup Spotlight: Raba Rides – A Carpooling Platform

Public transportation in Accra can be frustrating for many commuters. The most reliable transport are usually “trotros” and taxis. But trotros tend to have safety issues as well as being uncomfortable on long trips with many other commuters. The same safety issues can exist with some local taxis. But even with safety of the vehicle, there is still the issue of reckless driving.

Ride sharing apps can be a great alternative especially with Uber and Taxify but not everyone can afford to go back and forth using ride apps.

This is a definitely a problem that’s looking for a solution.

Raba Rides is trying to be that solution.

What Is Raba Rides?

Raba Rides is a startup that offers a carpooling platform for commuters in Accra. Car owners can get the offer rides to passengers going in their same direction and get compensated for it.

Raba Rides has a feature where commuters can book a ride in advance and carpool from work

Whether Raba Rides can officially be the “Uber Pool” in Ghana is another discussion but a carpooling option for commuters in the city is a great idea and we hope it takes off.

You can find out more about Raba Rides and their ride options at

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