The 4 Most Popular Social Audio Platforms In 2021

Social Audio platforms are all the rage now. Clubhouse was a breakout star last year, growing rapidly when it was open for invites.

These platforms have become a place for creators, networking, expressing ideas, monetizing, connecting with new friends, and much more.

Social audio platforms have a simple interface whereby users can enter a “room” with one or more multiple “moderators” hosting a room with a specific topic or a “free-for-all”. Moderators can invite audience members up on “stage” to speak.

A lot of big brand names have started diving into the social audio space.

Here are 4 of the most popular social audio platforms right now:

1. Clubhouse

Clubhouse started as an invite-only app on iOS but now it’s open to the public and available on both iOS and Android. The app currently has over 10 million users.

Clubhouse is the most recognisable social audio app at the moment. It’s famous for having a number of famous speakers in its “rooms” including Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Users can join any room in their feed or search for and follow different clubs when they sign up.

2. Twitter Spaces

Twitter also jumped into the social audio space last year in December by testing with a small group of users. Their feature went public on May 3rd with anyone with a Twitter account being able to join as a listener. Twitter users with at least 600 followers can start a room and be a host.

Twitter differentiated itself from Clubhouse by pinpointing its audio quality and adding reaction emojis.

3. Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook was not to be left out of the social audio space. On June 21, the company announced that “US-based public figures as well as certain groups” could start hosting Live Audio Rooms through the Facebook iOS app.

Similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, hosts can invite audience members as speakers with up to 50 people.

Facebook Live Audio Rooms doesn’t have a cap on the number of people who can be in the audience, unlike Clubhouse which is capped up to 5000 listeners.

Live Audio Rooms has features including the ability for live captions and reactions within a chat feature.

4. Spotify Greenroom

Spotify also has its own app for social audio. Spotify Greenroom allows artists and other creators to connect with fans, followers, and friends in live audio rooms.

Users can join the app with their Spotify accounts but can also sign up through their email accounts.

Greenroom follows the same format as the earlier mentioned social audio apps with Speakers and Audiences. Greenroom sessions can be recorded, unlike Clubhouse.

Upcoming Audio Apps

Although the four mentioned apps are leading right now, other companies have started to work on their social audio apps.

Reddit, Slack, and LinkedIn are either working or have put out their social audio features on their platforms.

There are startups on the upcoming with their own social audio platforms including AngleYoni CircleRoadtripQuiltRacket (formerly, and others.

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