The Crypto Community Is Steadily Growing In Ghana

Cryptocurrency, decentralised finance, and fintech enthusiasts in Ghana converged in Accra for the Ghana Crypto and Defi Summit last week.

Over 200 delegates gathered at the summit for sessions on a variety of topics including Web3, cryptocurrencies, decentralised finance, DAOs, and NFTs. Participants also experienced practical workshops to sharpen their use of these technologies, something that was particularly beneficial to complete beginners in the field.

The event is an example of efforts to democratise knowledge and opportunity in a country that continues to lag behind in cryptocurrency adoption, fintech proliferation, and utilisation of the blockchain.

Today, many Ghanaians remain skeptical of the technology underlying these systems.

However, such events continue to gain traction as the technologies gain popularity and cryptocurrency exchanges and companies scramble to increase their market share.

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX held an event named the Africa Blockchain Summit on 29th October in Accra. The day before, Binance Ghana hosted over 300 participants at a Community Meetup held on the KNUST campus as part of a series of meetups to introduce eager Ghanaians to the crypto space.

Image credit: FTX Twitter

If attendance at these events is anything to go by, the use of blockchain technology is being overwhelmingly embraced by the youth in their quest for greater economic opportunities.

And people are getting involved in this burgeoning industry in any way they can.

An educator who presented at the Ghana Crypto and Defi Summit, the Black Satoshi, gave a presentation explaining that cryptocurrency jobs exist not just in technical fields like blockchain development.

Graphic designers, social media managers, and other professionals can transfer their skills into this industry.

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