The State Of Online Dating In Ghana In 2018

How’s the dating scene in Ghana right now?

That’s something that we wanted to find out. There’s very scarce material on what the dating scene is like in Ghana in 2018. How are people seeking partners these days? Is everyone jumping on the internet to find true love or are people just looking for the regular hookups using dating apps like Tinder?

That would be cool information to have and so we tried to find out. We put out a little survey online to find out how people were dating, their current relationship status and their thoughts on dating in the modern life in general.

Living The Single Life And Finding Dating Complicated

For the preliminary data, a total of 49 people responded, majority being female (29 Female, 19 Male) and between the age ranges of 25–31 years old.

Majority of the people who took the survey stated that they were Single.

When asked about what they thought about dating in today’s age, respondents stated that they found modern dating to be on the complicated side

(L — R, “It’s Complicated to It’s Easy/OK)

It wasn’t surprising then that most respondents said they had only been on 1–2 dates in the past year.

Blind Date? Never Heard Of It

When it came to whether they been on a blind date before, majority of respondents answered “No”.

Religion Is Still A Strong Factor In Choosing A Partner

In Ghana, religion tends to play a factor in modern life and that seems to hold true when it comes to dating and choosing a partner.

When asked how much religion factors in choosing a partner, majority of the respondents said it was “Very Important”

Negative Feelings Towards Dating Apps

It was about 50/50 when respondents were asked which dating service that they used.

45.8% said they had used “Tinder” before but 41% said they hadn’t used a dating app before.

It wasn’t surprising that 53% respondent that they didn’t really trust Dating Apps.

Most profiles on dating apps in Ghana are “suspicious” in general and so it wasn’t too surprising that most respondents said they don’t trust dating apps. Some respondents left comments saying that some profiles on dating apps only wanted to “fool around”.

Hope For Finding Love Online?

When asked if they knew anyone (friends or family) who had met their significant other through social media, 28 respondents stated “No” but 21 stated “Yes”.

That means that people were definitely meeting online and it later transitioned to real romance in real life. (FYI, I actually know two couples who met online and later got married)

It’s still early but it looks like dating apps aren’t really making a big impact in the dating scene in Ghana but people are definitely going online through social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) and finding something.

If you’re a Ghanaian and would like to partake in the ongoing survey, you can just fill out the survey below:

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