Twitter Launches Mixed Media Which Allows Videos, Images and GIFs In One Tweet

Now Everyone Can Add Video, Photos and GIFs to the Same Tweet

Twitter has introduced a new way to share four pieces of content including videos, images, GIFs together in a single Tweet. This feature allows users to combine all three categories of visual content in a single tweet called “mixed media”.

According to a Twitter blogpost, “Adding “mixed” media to a Tweet is simple and straightforward. When composing a Tweet, tap the “Media” or “GIF” icons and select the content you want to share (and don’t forget to add descriptive text to make your images more accessible).

You can add up to four videos, images, and/or GIFs per Tweet. The update is currently available on iOS and Android, however, Tweets with different content types can be consumed on all platforms.”

Helping creators express themselves

Twitter is always looking for new and exciting ways to help creators share more and be seen. Mixing different types of visual content together in a single Tweet allows creators to express themselves beyond 280 characters and gives them more ways to tell their story.

A user of the new feature, @jakechams “Really loving this new tool here on Twitter. It has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to share my work & the behind the scenes. Excited to see how creatives can capitalize on this feature and share more of their process moving forward. Stoked to see Twitter caring about creatives and how they can share their work through this medium.”

Another user @blackprints said, “As a professional photographer, I’m excited to use this feature to add some more interactive depth to the behind-the-scenes moments I share on Twitter.”

Making Twitter the best place to share media

According to Twitter, “This update is the latest example of how the social app working to make Twitter the easiest and most convenient place to share images, videos, and other creative content. It complements the rollout of two new video products — full-screen videos and a new video carousel in the Explore tab — that help make it easier than ever for people to find and watch what’s happening on Twitter.”

Users should key their eyes on Twitter blogs for more upcoming launches or click here to start mixing up your timeline and telling stories with text, images, GIFs, and videos in a single Tweet.

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