Uber Increases Minimum Fare For Uber Rides In Accra

Uber today will be increasing its base fare for riders across all its products.

For all Uber services including, Uber X, Uber X Share, and Uber Connect, the minimum fare will be increased from GHC 7.00 to GHC 8.00. Uber Comfort minimum fare prices will also be increased from GHC 9.00 to GHC 10.00.

Night time fares have also increased from the current base fare of GHC 8.00 to GHC 9.00 for all services.

The upward adjustment comes at a time when Ghana’s economy is currently facing inflation rates of 23.6% as of May 2022 with ever increasing fuel prices.

Last year, Uber reduced its commission for drivers from 25% to 20% after driver feedback and economic conditions.

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