Uber Rolls Out Injury Protection For Drivers and Riders in Ghana

Uber has announced the rollout of Injury Protection, provided by Old Mutual. The rollout will begin from 21st December. This announcement forms part of Uber’s global commitment across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

All Uber driver-partners will now benefit from this cover from the moment they accept a trip, while driving to pick up a rider, and until the trip ends. Riders will be covered from the time their ride begins until the trip ends.


In the unfortunate event of an accident or a crime-related incident resulting in an injury during a trip, riders and driver-partners will have access to the following benefits:

1. Medical cover: If an accident happens On-Trip, this cover reimburses drivers and riders for necessary medical treatment costs up to GHS 12,500. In addition, this cover reimburses ambulance service costs.

2. Death and funeral payments: In the unfortunate event that a driver-partner or rider dies as a result of an accident On-Trip, their dependents or heirs will benefit from a lump sum payment of GHS 50,000. They will also obtain an amount of GHS 5,000 for funeral expenses.

3. Permanent disability payments: In the unfortunate event that a user suffers a permanent disability as a result of an accident On-Trip, they will benefit from a lump sum payment up to GHS 50,000. The amount depends on the severity of the disability, as determined by UAP Old Mutual.

4. Daily payment benefit for drivers (injury): If a driver is hospitalized for more than 48 hours as a result of an accident that happened On-Trip and is thereafter unable to drive because of those injuries, the driver will receive a daily payment of GHS 50 for up to 30 days whilst they are medically certified by a doctor as unfit to work.

Commenting on the partnership, Lola Kassim, General Manager West Africa at Uber explains, “At Uber, we view the addition of this Injury Protection as an important part of fulfilling our global goal of reliable, affordable, and safe transportation options for all citizens of Ghana. We’ll carry on taking feedback on board from all our users to ensure we further improve their experience so they can use Uber with more confidence.”

Rita Adu Boateng, Head of Marketing and Communications for Old Mutual explains, “As a dynamic Pan-African business we recognise that we have a significant role, partnering with other stakeholders to support our clients by protecting what’s most important to them. This innovative product offering, is a great example of that, and we look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial partnership.”

This Injury Protection policy, which is going live on 21 December 2018, has been tailored specifically for those drivers on the road and for riders who need a safe, reliable and affordable option to move around their city.

For more information, check out Uber’s site on how to make a claim

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