Uber Will (Finally) Introduce A Tipping Option For Its Drivers

Uber has long resisted adding a tipping option for Uber drivers. While other ride sharing companies like Lyft have had this option for many years, Uber has been unwilling to bow to pressure.

But it looks like Uber has finally seen the light and will introduce a tipping option for its drivers.

According to an Uber statement, tipping is now available in US cities like Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston for starters. Uber will be adding more cities over the next few weeks and will make tips available to all U.S. drivers, by the end of July 2017.

Tipping For Other Countries Including Ghana?

In the beginning, Uber drivers in Ghana were notorious for asking riders for 5-star ratings for every trip. If Uber does eventually introduce tipping in Ghana, will it change driver behavior if he/she gets some extra money for good behavior and driving?

The other question is, will be be available for cash options as well or just for riders who use the card option?

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens if/when tipping is ever introduced in other countries

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