Voice Marketing With the Konnect Suite

Voice technology is a cutting-edge trend in the marketing sphere. These days, there are lots of ways through which companies reach their customers. Finding new products is a lot easier today than it was a few years ago. With the scuffle to become more visible, today’s marketing requires relevantly innovative technologies as consumers demand a more integrated experience.

Let’s face it, Voice is easier. People can speak about 125-175 words per minute while most people can only type a little less than 40 words a minute (on a keyboard). According to a study by Invoca, voice technology will see an annual growth rate close to 20% and be worth $18 billion by 2023. With 15% of the world being illiterate, Voice technology is by far a more feasible communication channel through which enterprises can engage with that demographic. With the growth of the voice technology industry and the accuracy of voice devices approaching the threshold desired by humans, it is little wonder why voice devices were center stage at CES 2018.

Voice technology is a tech trend that is seizing the digital marketing sphere and the Konnect suite by Kirusa is a leading digital toolbox which embraces this space effectively. Konnect is an enterprise communication suite, tailored to evolving marketing needs. Konnect offers a comprehensive suite of inbound and outbound communication tools, which enable you to connect with your target audience via their mobile phones. With the Konnect suite, you can reach out to your customers at the right time and right place, via the right medium. Snapcall, OBDs, and SMS Tagging are some tools in the suite.

With the Out Bound Dialer (OBD), businesses can Schedule outbound calls to audiences for instant communication. Applications for this voice-based tool are limitless. OBD can be used as an audio note in the voice of the head of a large enterprise for their customers; for social or political purposes, it can be recorded in the voice of a popular leader to engage the citizens; and so on.

Snapcall is a call-based business tool in the Konnect suite. Businesses can advertise a designated number for target audiences and potential customers to flash-a-call to express interest, enter a contest, vote, request more information or give feedback. People who flash-a-call will receive a customized SMS to avail the offer.

To illustrate, a bakery is running a Valentine promo and offering a 40% discount on purchases. With the Snapcall tool, the bakery owner can advertise a number in the media (online advert for instance) directed at a particular demographic, to which interested people can flash-a-call to inquire about the offer.

Voice-based interaction is a revolutionary way for people to interact with companies. That is why enterprise solutions providers such as Kirusa Inc. are committed to providing communication solutions that enable customers to have a voice and connect seamlessly. They provide turnkey technology and platforms through which their partners in the mobile telecommunications, entertainment and enterprise space can provide innovative services to their customers.

Research from AnswerLab reveals consumers want to interact with brands in ways that are relevant to them. One of these means of interaction is voice technology. Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, said that 20% of all search queries were made by Voice as at 2016 and this is expected to grow to 50% by 2020. Also, smart voice assistant speaker sales were expected to grow by an estimated 300% (24 Million Globally) in 2017.

According to Inderpal Mumick Singh, Kirusa CEO, the rising popularity of voice-controlled devices and voice-assistants, brand jumping on the voice trend, telecoms carriers and service providers should provide communication solutions that re-imagine voice in the data age. Importantly, telecom carriers must consider a more integrated approach while delivering voice services and not shy away from diversification.

For him, enterprise communication solutions will see a transformation with new technologies like chatbots and voice bots finding their way to making enterprise-customer communication more enriching and meaningful. With this, ‘customer engagement’, will find a new definition all together; this is what the Konnect suite provides!

It is imperative that companies stay up to date in implementing relevant marketing technologies and techniques or they may be forced by the wayside. The businesses and marketing teams that achieve the most lead generation success are the ones that are constantly up-to-date with these new tools.

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