What’s In Your Bag: Christopher Opara

“What’s In Your Bag” is a feature where Tech Nova asks the average Ghanaian what devices and gadgets they use in their daily lives. For today’s feature, we’re showcasing the gadgets used by Writer/Contributor, Christopher Opara.

Macbook Air (13 inch, Mid 2014, 128GB)


Having been in darkness (Windows) a little too long and all the work i was doing with drones, editing videos and all of that, i definitely needed a new laptop. Consulted a few friends, who were avid Mac users (Yes Koby, You), and they did a good job of convincing me to go for a Macbook.

Eventually I fell for the pressure and went for an air, not for any specific system specs, but simply because it’s quite portable, has a creative feel, definitely more pocket friendly and it just felt like the right pick. Few months in and it’s served me a whole lot. I do all my writing, aerial footage edits, emailing, studying and general stuff on it without much of a hassle. Love it!

Iphone 6s Plus 128GB

iPhone 6S Plus

After making the laptop transition to apple, it was almost about time i made the iPhone transition. I obviously didn’t have the money to fuel that at the time so it took a little longer. Got it and I haven’t looked back at the apple switch ever since. A powerful machine for my everyday work. Battery life is solid and speed is unmatched. Good storage size too.

iPad Mini 2 (Black, 16GB) , Books

Never been a big fan of tablets or iPad’s probably because i’ve never seen their use or importance. So it indeed came as a shock when i got a mini as a birthday gift few weeks back. I’m still yet to figure out what i’d particularly use it for, but for now i use it for basic reading via ibooks and to mirror my Drone’s camera when shooting via DJI GO.

I always do have a bunch of physical books in my bag for those long rides, or just when I need some new knowledge. These are my current reads.

Samsung 750GB External Hard Drive, Moga Mobile Controller, Power-Bank, Busy4G Modem

These are just a few peripherals for everyday living.

My Samsung external would be 3 years old in august, one of my most valuable buys in recent times. It has my life’s backup (Docs, Work stuff, Movies, Music, Apps) and i’m always wary about whose laptop i insert it. I think I need to get a USB Pen drive for the everyday transfers.

Ever since my playstation packed up, I haven’t quite gotten around to replace it so i decided to get a Mobile phone game controller. Did some research before getting one and all reviews pointed to the MOGA Ace, since it’s compatible with most games. For a cool $10 this could be yours.

In recent times of Dumsor, a power bank is always handy. This AIBOCN power bank does the trick. I was in dire need of a 4G Modem at a time and Busy had attractive plans. Not so much so anymore, but one has no choice.

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Headphones, Apple Earphones, Notebook/Diary

Music is always worth listening to the right way. Was gifted this awesome wooden-designed Symphonized Headphones and the sound is as awesome as it’s look. It’s also a little too heavy, so i use the regular apple earphones for run arounds and transit listens.

Notebook and diary for jottings, reminders and random musings in my head.

Anakle Water Feeder, Zenith Bank Token & Extension Power plugs.

Always a proud alumni of Anakle, and i carry it’s branded water bottle/mug everywhere I go. Helps with constant hydration. Zenith bank token for banking stuff and power plugs for when i’m in a room with American sockets.

That’s pretty much my basic gadget stash! Thanks for reading folks.


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