Will Shatta Wale’s “Shaxi” Service Make A Dent In The Ride Sharing Space?

Popular singer Shatta Wale is preparing to launch a new tech venture called “Shaxi”. The company, a combination of “Shatta” and “Taxi”, will be a ridesharing service that will compete with Uber and Bolt.

On social media, Shatta Wale said it was in line with his vision to provide employment in his country.

Shatta Movement fans are going to be employed,” he said. “The youth are going to be employed, the street are going to be employed, yes we all can play a role in reducing the unemployment rate.”

He also promised prospective drivers good working conditions. “To all my drivers always complaining about being cheated, don’t worry, I have good news for you all. You are about to enjoy your work as drivers. Shaxi has got you covered. It has taken us time to get everything right. And finally, we are ready.“

Will Shatta Wale’s service see the light of day and will it make an impact if it ever launches?

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